Embold Health Partners with Polk County Public Schools to Help Their Employees Choose Top-Performing Doctors

Embold’s physician quality insights will improve the quality and value of care received by PCPS employees and their families

NASHVILLE, Tenn., April 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Embold Health, an industry leader in objective physician performance analytics, is partnering with Polk County Public Schools (PCPS), the seventh-largest school district in Florida and among the 30 largest in the country, to improve healthcare for its 14,000 employees and their families.

The school district’s employees now have access to Embold’s online provider directory — DocLogic™ — to help guide them to area physicians who consistently deliver high-quality care. This tool enables employees to quickly search for doctors and services and compare doctor performance with doctor-level insights to find the physicians who reliably deliver quality care.

Linda King, director of risk and benefits management for the district, first learned about Embold’s work on objective physician quality measurement at a Florida Alliance for Healthcare Value event three years ago, when the company’s work with Walmart, Microsoft and other corporations was discussed.

"Embold was offering these large companies an opportunity for their employees to easily research and evaluate healthcare options for their families," King said. "We are always looking for ways to maximize benefits, provide better care and save money for both the district and our employees."

King was also encouraged to learn that Embold’s DocLogic™ online provider guide would work seamlessly with the district’s existing health plan and onsite clinics.

PCPS utilizes onsite clinics operated by Everside Health, which provides primary care services to district employees and their families and makes referrals to medical specialists when necessary. With Embold, clinicians at Everside have objective, clinically validated information they can use to refer patients to high-quality physicians when they need to see a specialist. That leads to better care, healthier employees and greater value – goals shared by all.

The DocLogic™ platform enables employees to easily identify top-performing doctors in their area based on data that is evaluated and analyzed according to the latest medical research and clinical guidelines, measuring the appropriateness, effectiveness, and overall cost of care.

"We are excited to partner with one of the largest school districts in the country, and we commend the forward-thinking leadership of Polk County Public Schools for being among the first to make this essential healthcare information available to employees and their families," said Daniel Stein, M.D., Embold founder and CEO. "We designed DocLogic™ to be clinically rigorous and totally transparent for all types of users. We even share our data and methodology with individual doctors, so they can identify ways to improve the care they provide."

"Through this new partnership, we are empowering our employees to become better healthcare consumers," King said. "Ultimately, we want our employees to make well-informed decisions and ensure their families are healthy and get the best possible care when they need it."

About Embold Health

Embold Health is a doctor-led healthcare analytics company that helps employers identify and guide their members to high-performing doctors which improves patient outcomes and lowers costs. Ratings are based on objective clinical performance data of the individual physician against regional peers and latest medical care standards. Embold’s vision is to raise the quality of healthcare by providing every healthcare consumer in America with actionable, objective doctor quality metrics to empower them to make smarter healthcare decisions. Visit emboldhealth.com to learn more.

About Polk County Public Schools

Polk County Public Schools operates approximately 150 school sites within Central Florida and serves more than 110,000 students (pre-K through 12th grade). PCPS offers a wide variety of learning opportunities, including nationally recognized career academies as well as prestigious fine arts and academic programs. The district has produced multiple winners of Florida’s Teacher of the Year award. For more information, visit polkschoolsfl.com.

About Everside Health

Everside Health is one of the largest direct primary care providers in the U.S., operating 375+ health centers in 34 states located at or near the facilities of its employer, union and other benefit sponsor clients. Everside’s patient-focused, care-obsessed, technology-driven healthcare delivery model aligns incentives to benefit the patient, the physician and the benefit provider, all while reducing the total cost of care. For more information, visit eversidehealth.com.

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