Echo360 Offers Innovative AI Captioning from Rev

Award-winning caption provider delivers industry-leading accuracy and increased accessibility options through EchoVideo

NEW YORK, Aug. 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Echo360, the most comprehensive, global, SaaS-based video learning platform for creating, delivering, and measuring learning engagement outcomes in any learning environment, has partnered with Rev, the AI-powered award-winning captioning service, to offer an exclusive AI integration for customers around the world in education, business, and government markets. 

Now available through Echo360’s EchoVideo learning platform with videos generating over 100 million views annually, Rev’s suite of award-winning speech-to-text tools make it faster and easier for instructors to create accessible learning environments without sacrificing accuracy. One of the many features of Rev and the partnership is a consistent and fast turnaround for transcription, caption, and global language subtitle needs. 

"Everything we design and do at Echo360 is grounded in our three core principles of Equity, Engagement, and Evidence, and Rev’s commitment to making transcription services and accessibility easier and more efficient for all is another tangible example of Equity in action," said Kathryn Stewart, Chief Product Officer at Echo360. "Their commitment to delivering innovative, inclusive products is a perfect fit with the EchoVideo platform and our Echo360 DNA, as we believe the future of captioning integrates a mix of human and automated intelligence."

The partnership between Echo360 and Rev comes at a time of significant momentum for both companies. With back-to-school season approaching and continuing demands to provide a range of learning options, thousands of Echo360 higher education customers and over 6 million users will be able to access Rev’s services this fall. In addition, recently launched EchoVideo features including browser-based capture, 360-degree video, and an exclusive Microsoft OneDrive integration are stimulating adoption in businesses large and small. 

"By working with Echo360 to make facets of education more universally accessible, we’re removing barriers to learning and sharing knowledge," said Jason Chicola, CEO of Rev. "At Rev, we believe every voice should be heard, and by helping instructors share information with a broader audience, and ensuring every student can engage with the material, we’re making the experience of learning more inclusive."

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About Rev

Through a combination of industry-leading ASR and a community of skilled freelancers, Rev helps people understand the human voice. Rev provides captions, transcriptions and subtitles with unmatched speed, accuracy and affordability, allowing its 750,000 users to leverage insights and make every word actionable and accessible. Developed using a diverse dataset to ensure accuracy for all dialects and accents, Rev’s speech-to-text APIs support 30 languages and counting. Learn more at

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