Diamond Nation and Valley Prep Tutoring Services Partner to Help Student Athletes Gain Admission to their First Choice Colleges

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Diamond Nation, a national leader providing on-site advanced coaching, workshops, and camp experiences for New Jersey-based student athletes, and Valley Prep Tutoring Services, a leading national college admissions specialist agency offering tutoring and counseling, are pleased to announce a new collaborative partnership dedicated to helping student athletes open the gate to the best possible colleges with maximum merit-based financial aid.

With their services now available across the USA through Zoom, this coast-to-coast partnership will expand both companies in new geographic regions. The mutual objective of both companies is to provide best-in-class, wrap-around support for families with student athletes. A co-sponsored live YouTube event called the Grand Slam College Admissions Webinar will take place on November 18th at 6:00 p.m. Eastern/3:00 p.m. Pacific. The webinar will offer a masterclass, showing viewers the fastest way to ensure a student’s unique strengths to land them at their first-choice colleges. This process is guaranteed to:

    • Help the student identify the right-fit 8-12 schools
    • Showcase over 500 non-impacted majors, providing a menu of options for students who are undecided, and guiding them to strategic programs in order to increase the likelihood of admission
    • Give full-length practice SATs, ACTs, drill sets, and video strategies from the best test prep tutors
    • Provide best-in-class sample essays that helped recent graduates attain $100,000 or more in merit-based financial aid

According to a U.S. Department of Education Guidance School survey, over-stretched school guidance counselors are only providing an average of 38 minutes of college admissions advice per US high school student, underscoring the importance of the proven strategies offered by this partnership.

"We believe that sports can teach important life lessons and help shape young athletes into becoming productive members of society," says company founder Jack Cust, Sr. "As a direct result of this partnership we will be able to provide more resources to support those outcomes." 50,000 players participate in Diamond Nation’s program each year.

Valley Prep Tutoring Services, led by its founder, college admissions specialist Pamela M. Donnelly, has achieved a reputation for concierge-level services at affordable enrollment rates. In particular, Valley Prep’s online GATE platform allows any student anywhere to have step-by-step guidance through the admissions process, with videos and interactive trainings to save time and confusion.

"The synergy of this alliance makes perfect sense, since we want our students to connect with the vast recruitment opportunities offered by Diamond Nation and they want their players to have academic support services they can truly trust," says Donnelly.

Free registration will open on October 8th at www.valleypreptutoring.com/diamondnation. All parents of college-bound student athletes are invited and encouraged to attend.

Valley Prep Tutoring:

Since its 2012 inception, Valley Prep has offered carefully vetted tutoring and counseling services. This nationally recognized college admissions team of specialists offers GPA, test prep, and college counseling support in Los Angeles and across the U.S. via Zoom.

Diamond Nation:

Diamond Nation is a highly acclaimed 65-acre training and tournament venue that provides top level instruction, competition, and facilities for serious baseball and softball players looking to take their game to the next level. Through a comprehensive curriculum and exposure process, they strive to advance the level of play in each of their students while teaching life lessons along the way.

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