DetectaChem Threat Detection Technology Expands to COVID-19 Campus Testing

DURHAM, N.H. and SUGAR LAND, Texas, Oct. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — DetectaChem, the global leader in innovative portable threat detection technologies used daily by U.S. Homeland Security, Department of Defense and first responder agencies around the world, today announces their MobileDetect Bio (MD-Bio) BCC19 COVID-19 tests are being successfully deployed by prestigious colleges and universities in the U.S. to help support a safe return to campus for students and staff.

DetectaChem’s BCC19 test kit utilizes portable laboratory-grade diagnostic technology and can run up to 96 tests at once in just 30 minutes. The test detects nucleic acids from the 2019-nCoV virus to determine positive or negative results and then utilizes the free MobileDetect App for Apple and Android platforms to generate result reports with time, date, images, patient info, GPS mapping and more. DetectaChem’s BCC19 test kit is FDA (Food and Drug Administration) EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) authorized and achieved 100% accuracy during their FDA testing with comparable results to RT-PCR laboratory equipment.

As the school year begins many universities and colleges have already ramped up their testing capabilities but still face the daunting task of implementing effective testing procedures and protocols to keep their students safe. The University of New Hampshire (UNH), with over 16,000 students, initially used the MD-Bio BCC19 test kits to supplement their CLIA laboratory PCR testing. Positive BCC19 tests are then confirmed with an RT-PCR test.

“UNH used DetectaChem’s solution to provide a fast, molecular test with rapid turnaround time. It helped us solve a bottleneck during move-in for students that had not yet received their required lab diagnostic results in time. We could give those students same-day results and continue with their move-in process,” said Marc Sedam, Vice Provost for Innovation and New Ventures at UNH.

“Rapid, accurate, easy-to-use, and widely accessible testing is crucial in enabling a safe return to a more normal life on-campus for colleges and we’re proud to provide the MD-Bio BCC19 kit as a solution,” said DetectaChem COO, Travis Kisner.

The DetectaChem MD-Bio BCC19 test kits have also been successfully deployed at numerous other colleges, universities and schools around the country for similar purposes as UNH and for continued rapid testing throughout the school year.

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