Cy-Fair Montessori Provides High-Quality Infant & Kindergarten Education

HOUSTON, April 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Cy-Fair Montessori School in Houston, TX is proud to announce open educational programs for young learners aged two to three months, all the way up to age six. For the past 13 years, their educational establishment and child care facility has popularized the child-centered Montessori Method and jump-started the educational careers of children within the community. Fully licensed by the State of Texas and committed to routine inspections for quality, health, and safety, The Cy-Fair Montessori private school is ready to help your child discover the wonders of the world around them.

Cy-Fair Montessori School’s Montessori-oriented education program for infants and kindergarteners is dedicated to the motto of "Education for Life." The world-renowned approach to early childhood development has been used for decades and allows each individual child to learn at their own pace. Their educators respect each individual child as their own unique person, and allow them to learn independently and in ways that best benefit the individual. It’s the mission of the Cy-Fair Montessori School to develop a child’s academic skills, but also their sense of respect, independence, self-sufficiency, and self-confidence. The guiding principles of the Montessori Method believe children should be encouraged to think for themselves, be exposed to collaboration, and learn via direct experiences.

Cy-Fair Montessori School’s experienced, top-performing child care facility fits in the community perfectly. With Houston’s local unemployment rates going down, and parents and working professionals going back to work, Houston’s economy is being stimulated in unprecedented ways. Their educational facility is proud to help participate in the local and county-wide economy by helping parents confidently return their children to in-person learning. Cy-Fair Montessori School’s family-owned and operated establishment experiences exceptionally low staff turnover, allowing the infants and kindergarteners to build long-lasting relationships and learn in a comfortable environment.

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The Cy-Fair Montessori School has been in the business of educating infants and kindergartens for the past 13 years, creating an interactive learning environment centered around the Montessori method. As a family-owned and operated child care facility in Houston, TX, their dedicated staff is committed to the ongoing success of your young child. Tours can be arranged at

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