CTL Predicts Trends for Chromebooks and ChromeOS Devices in 2024

  • Chromebook technology predictions focus on sustainability, 5G and LTE private wireless networks, and cybersecurity.
  • Predictions for the EdTech market include increasing Chromebook replacements, creative device funding programs, and escalating worldwide adoption.
  • In the enterprise space, predictions address increased videoconferencing plus deeper ChromeOS use across enterprise devices.

BEAVERTON, Ore., Jan. 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — CTL, a global cloud computing solution leader for education and enterprise, released its annual predictions today. Based on trends observed in its markets, CTL executives provided an advanced look at what to expect in 2024 for Chromebook and ChromeOS device technologies and market trends.

“Recently, the leaders at CTL got together to discuss the top trends we’re experiencing and excited about as we transition to 2024. We’ve published a few of our top opinions of what we see as new and next for Chromebook cloud computing. It’s going to be a great year,” said Erik Stromquist, CEO of CTL.

The predictions addressed in CTL’s article include:

  1. Chromebook technology-based trends
    1. Sustainability concerns will drive innovations in Chromebook manufacturing and deployment, including designing for sustainability, enabling device self-repair programs, innovative device rental programs, and suppliers conforming to manufacturers’ sustainability requirements.
    2. New 5G capabilities will come online, bringing easier, faster, anywhere, anytime connectivity to computing devices for K-12 and other industries like healthcare as they begin to augment traditional wireless solutions and help bridge the digital divide.
    3. New tools are needed in cybersecurity to fight AI attacks with AI protection.
  2. ChromeOS EdTech market trends
    1. Schools will replace their aging fleet of Chromebooks this year to future-proof their tech to offer the performance required to leverage new toolsets like generative AI.
    2. Schools will extend their ChromeOS devices to teachers, staff, and administrators, taking advantage of their investment in Google Workspace and leveraging the anticipated new power of Chromebook Plus.
    3. Funding for student Chromebooks will get creative with city-district partnerships, innovative leasing programs, and other post-pandemic funding models.
    4. Chromebooks will be increasingly adopted worldwide in 2024, with new markets coming online with government tenders in Asia, Latin America, and Africa.

  3. ChromeOS enterprise market trends
    1. Companies will be equipped for video conferencing to deliver meeting equity.
    2. Companies will increasingly adopt ChromeOS for the integrated ecosystem capabilities between workstations, kiosks, digital signage, video conferencing, and other systems.

Complete predictions, including details and executive quotes, are available in the article “CTL’s Chromebook and ChromeOS Trends for 2024” on CTL’s website.

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