Critical Race Theory, Vaccine Mandates & More— Provides Resources on the Hottest Controversies

GEORGETOWN, Ky., Nov. 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The saying goes, "You never have to advertise a fire." This is true whether there’s an actual building on fire or just an inflammatory item in the news. People are drawn to anything incendiary.

Making sense of a heated news item or communicating it to others, however, can be challenging.

Inflection, the opinion, editorial, and news analysis journal of assists people who wish to understand the hottest controversies by tackling the latest:

Students will find these controversies to be outstanding "fire starters" for writing engaging papers, and writers will find thought-provoking fodder for articles that hold a reader’s attention.

"Lack of information leads to lack of understanding. By providing inquirers with the background information they need to make sense of a complex topic, such as Critical Race Theory, we hope to create a bridge for understanding why these topics divide us," says Dave Tomar, managing editor of Inflection. "Far too often, finding resources that bring together the various opposing perspectives on a heated topic can be elusive. With our comprehensive look at the most controversial topics today, is taking the frustration–and rampant disinformation–out of that search."

Each controversial topic has its own dedicated page that includes a brief history, the current status of the controversy, a breakdown of the leading positions in the public debate, key influencers on both sides of the issue, and a list of related books. The information provided minimizes the time it takes to assemble source materials, while improving overall comprehension of key points and providing the details needed to write a persuasive position.

These latest ripped-from-the-headlines controversies join these previously published 25 most controversial topics:

  • Abortion
  • Affirmative Action
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Atheism
  • Censorship and Freedom of Speech
  • Charter Schools
  • Civil Rights
  • Climate Change
  • Death Penalty/Capital Punishment
  • Electoral College
  • Extremism
  • Foreign Aid
  • Gun Control
  • Hacking
  • Health Insurance
  • Labor Unions
  • Minimum Wage
  • Nuclear Energy
  • Outsourcing
  • Police Brutality
  • Religious Freedom
  • Reparations
  • Social Security
  • Vaccines
  • Women’s Rights

Visit the link above to see how these topics rank and to begin a deeper exploration of the controversial issues most on the minds of Americans.

How are these topics selected and ranked? The Inflection team measured the permeation of several hundred controversial topics in the public discourse today, using machine-learning analysis of data collected from a comprehensive online database. Each topic was assigned an objective influence ranking based on the number of references it has received in both the academic literature and the popular media. The result is an unbiased, manipulation-resistant, and usable ranking of the most important issues of our day. See the About page for further details on the unique capabilities and advantages of this ranking technology.

"While our innovative ranking technology identifies the controversies at the forefront of the national conversation today, we want to go further, using that information to move beyond heated rhetoric, and into authoritative, objective, and fact-based reporting," says Tomar. "Our goal? Promoting the kind of understanding that unites people and equips them to find solutions to the problems that spawn controversy." is the preeminent technology-driven rankings site dedicated to students, researchers, and inquirers from high school through college and beyond, offering resources that connect learners to leaders. is a part of the EducationAccess group, a family of sites dedicated to lifelong learning and personal growth.

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