Class Intercom Takes Social Media Management for Schools International

LINCOLN, Neb., April 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Class Intercom, a leading provider in social media management for schools has partnered with International Education Solutions (IES) to extend its student driven social media tools to schools internationally. The expansion of Class Intercom services helps to solve a global educational issue, creating collaborative, valuable and secure social media content

Founded in 2017, Class Intercom was the first social media management tool established exclusively to support individual schools and districts in creating collaborative social media content through the engagement of students and staff. First launched in the US, districts across the country began connecting to Class Intercom to provide systematic, secure and collaborative content throughout their schools, activities and classrooms.

With the success in the US, Class Intercom partnered with IES to expand the social media management solutions internationally. “It doesn’t matter where you are at in the world, social media content creation is an incredibly valuable tool in communicating with a school’s community and can be an excellent learning opportunity for students. Every school has this need.” says Class Intercom co-founder Ben Pankonin.

In partnering with IES, Class Intercom was able to connect with schools internationally, filling the global need to improve social media communications processes in educational environments. Class Intercom proved to be incredibly valuable to schools in 2020 with virtual learning and communications. The tools offered by Class Intercom foster collaboration in a digital environment through secure workflows supporting content creation, scheduling, moderation, monitoring and archiving of social media.

“Class Intercom has helped IES to fill a large communications gap that we have observed in our school communities throughout Asia,” shares Vincent Jansen, IES Director – Hive Social. “It has enabled our international network of schools to more effectively develop and moderate engaging social media content to their audiences.”

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About Class Intercom
Class Intercom is a software platform created exclusively for schools that empowers administrators, educators and students to digitally collaborate, making social media easy, secure and collaborative. Class Intercom provides the tools for schools to communicate with digital communities and gives a voice to students to learn how to be the next generation of digital citizens by sharing their school’s stories. For more information about Class Intercom, visit


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