Christian Higher Education Title IX and Investigational Program Launched

LANCASTER, Pa., May 14, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In HIS Name HR LLC, in partnership with iKeep Institute (operating under The Progressus Companies’ umbrella), has announced a collaborative effort to provide Christian higher-education Title IX and investigational programs.

Christian education has the daunting task of staying ahead of governmental regulations. These requirements can and have pushed some organizations to the brink of collapse. It’s an unfortunate and understandable outcome considering that Title IX requirements change constantly.

In addition, many smaller and mid-sized institutions lack the compliance and human resources (HR) capabilities to meet the training and compliance mandates. That is, until now.

Mark A. Griffin, founder of In HIS Name, and Joshua T. Fischer, Ph.D. – president of The Progressus Companies – led their teams to co-create an outsourced resource. “Compliance Training With a Purpose” provides a turn-key training and investigative program for higher education. 

This means that Christian colleges, seminaries, and universities now have access to a likeminded resource designed to investigate Title IX complaints. It’s built to address staffing challenges, maintain objectivity in internal investigations, and help protect against liability and bad publicity.

Employing independent investigators can now:

  • Support an organization’s integrity
  • Protect the confidentiality of its operations
  • Avoid internal conflicts of interest
  • Insulate employers from claims of retribution toward whistleblowers.

Compliance Training With a Purpose also gives students unrestricted access to file complaints. Moreover, the subsequent investigations are thorough, reliable, and impartial. The program equally weighs and considers each party’s rights, privileges, opportunities, and desired outcomes to reach the best possible conclusions for everyone involved.

Comprehensive Title IX training may be a legal requirement constructed from a secular mindset. But there is a way to implement it according to Christian guidelines. These programs can (and should) play an important role in educating students, faculty, and staff on their rights and responsibilities to prevent, address, and report sexual misconduct and foster a safe, respectful environment that aligns with their beliefs.

While there were many minds involved in this project, Kevin E. Bish, MEd, deserves special mention. As VP of enrollment management and student services at Asbury Theological Seminary, his many years in Christian higher education proved to be a critical resource in effectively and ethically reaching today’s students.

Throughout the process, Kevin offered expert insight from a biblical worldview. And he’ll continue providing his expertise to strengthen the program that much more. 

His kingdom-minded perspective fits in strongly with In HIS Name HR’s overarching mission: to transform organizations into high-performance entities through HR solutions from a Christian perspective.

For more information, contact Joshua T. Fischer, Ph.D. at (918) 895-1185.


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