“Children Are Crashing Out,” ARCA Organizer Says

The Antonio Ricardo Cannady Act (ARCA) initiative will pressure Congress and the United States Board of Education to mandate emotional intelligence courses.

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — “Children are not only taking the lives of each other, but also the lives of adults, and for the traumatized children who do make it into adulthood, it’s only a matter of time before they self-destruct and it’s not always because of a mental illness, but for their lack of not being able to control their emotions due to the nonexistence of emotional intelligence never intentionally taught in the home or public school.” These are the words of Antonio Ricardo Cannady, the organizer behind the Antonio Ricardo Cannady Act (ARCA) initiative, who says that it’s not only necessary that Congress and the United States Board of Education intervene and vote ARCA into federal law and that it’s their duty to do so.

.The Antonio Ricardo Cannady Act, or ARCA, is an initiative that will seek to impose a federal law that mandates every U.S. school district to require students to complete emotional intelligence course(s) to ascend from grade, middle, and high school levels. Students must complete one emotional intelligence course at the 5th-grade level, at the 8th-grade level, and at the 12th-grade level with an average grade score of at least a B-average to graduate and proceed to the next level.

Mandating ARCA into federal law will give young moldable minds a fighting societal chance because they will not only know but also understand what it means to stop, breathe, and think, something most children are deprived of being taught. After all, single parents are too busy earning a living to raise their children, and the educational system isn’t required to do so. This imperative lack of education is the primary reason children react violently in triggering situations instead of the healthier way of doing things, which is to respond. 

Here is an example of ARCA at work in the classroom. Imagine a ten-year-old boy in the fifth grade taking part in a semester-long exercise that teaches him how to deal with life’s rejections, especially in romance, in a healthy manner. Then, he repeats this exercise in the eighth grade and finally again in the twelfth grade. He now has the tools to manage his emotions ingrained within his neurological pathways. This is how you protect women. This is how you reduce crime in certain areas. This is how you better society. It’s all about emotional intelligence; it’s vital.

“I understand what it’s like to lack emotional intelligence, and my chaotic and checkered past reflects that, but now it’s critical that we shift the outcomes of countless young minds for the better, and maybe some adults, too,” Cannady says.

As social media continues to addict and raise our children, society is witnessing the horrid consequences of what it means to lack emotional intelligence. As single parenthood continues to be glamorized, Congress and the U.S.  Board of Education must adapt the U.S. education system to match what’s transpiring in society or watch as America’s youth continues to decline while under their watchful eye.

Learn more about ARCA. Visit www.arcact.info to view the PDF and the petition.

The Antonio Ricardo Cannady Act (ARCA) is a community activist organization that envisions a better tomorrow for the youth and society through the collaboration amongst the community, congress, and the U.S. Board of Education through implementing mandated laws to elevate emotional intelligence amongst the youth.

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