California Dad's Remote Learning Invention, TutorCam, Creates a Sensation

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — A California dad’s wish to improve remote learning for teachers and students during the COVID-19 pandemic has quickly become an impressive reality. 

Brandon Kennington was helping teach a math class via Google Meet at his kids’ Los Angeles school in March when he came up with the idea for TutorCam – a simple, inexpensive document camera to provide an extra viewing window for teachers and students during regular video conferencing.

Fast forward to today and TutorCam ( is a sensation.

NBC’s Today Show just declared TutorCam a “must-have” in a segment hosted by style expert Jenn Falik, who told the iconic morning show’s audience the device was one of her favorite products for fall.

Purdue University’s School of Mechanical Engineering, where Brandon earned a mechanical engineering degree, gave TutorCam a rave review.

“WHY DIDN’T WE THINK OF THAT?” the school wrote on Twitter.

Brandon Kennington (BSME ’00) solved a simple problem with online learning by designing TutorCam, a phone holder with a built-in mirror that shows students’ work, as well as their faces.”

TutorCams do not need an app or additional software. TutorCams work with Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Skype and other video conferencing platforms. 

Teachers and students usually can only see each other’s faces during remote learning. TutorCams have a special optical lens to focus on documents, workbooks etc. on their desk by using a mobile phone or tablet camera.

Students can watch their teacher’s pencil and paper as the teacher demonstrates live how to complete a math problem, English exercise or science quiz.

“Many teachers have been getting by with a small whiteboard they draw on, then hold up to the camera for the students to see,” Brandon, founder of BlueKube Brands, said.

“Even the students have been holding their homework up to the camera to show their work. It’s been a real pain until now.” 

Teachers and students across the US, and soon around the world, are integrating TutorCam into their virtual classrooms. Two elite southern California schools, Oaks Christian and St Jude the Apostle, are using TutorCams and the reviews are outstanding.

There are two types of TutorCam: TutorCam Pro and TutorCam Go.

Insert your mobile phone or tablet into the TutorCam Pro (or your phone into the more nimble TutorCam Go), sign into the same online meeting you are already logged into with your laptop, PC or tablet and you have that second camera view.  

** Brandon Kennington is available for phone/virtual/in studio interviews. 


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