California Dad Solves COVID-19 Pandemic Remote Learning Dilemma with The Revolutionary “TutorCam”

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — When the COVID-19 pandemic overtook the US in March millions of teachers, college lecturers, music instructors and students were suddenly forced to continue their classes online at home.

Brandon Kennington, a California dad and inventor with two children attending a Los Angeles elementary school, volunteered to help during the pandemic by teaching a 5th grade math class.

He quickly encountered an obstacle faced by teachers and students during virtual classes.

Zoom and other video conferencing allowed face-to-face communication between teachers and students but did not show the teacher’s workbook or documents.

Teachers also were unable to watch live as students worked on problems in their workbooks.

Wouldn’t it be great if teachers and students had an easy-to-use and inexpensive second “document camera” to broadcast live during classes?

One camera for their faces. A second for documents. 

Brandon solved the dilemma.

TutorCam Pro and TutorCam Go do not need an app or additional software and are light and easy to use.

Just place your mobile phone or tablet into the TutorCam Pro (or your mobile phone into the more nimble TutorCam Go), sign into the same online meeting your laptop, PC or tablet is already logged into and you have that second camera view.

Brandon, a Purdue University Bachelor of Science mechanical engineering graduate, is the creator of a suite of successful inventions ranging from Flexline Fitness equipment to the Porch Potty for dogs.

“I wanted the kids to see what I was writing down on the paper in front of me,” Brandon, recalling the 5th grade math class where he realized the need for the TutorCam, said.

“I grabbed my phone and used it as a kind of document camera and broadcast it using my phone.”

It worked but holding the phone while teaching a class was not practical.

After the class he immediately began designing the TutorCam, including devising a patented optical lens that correctly orientates and “projects” his workspace onto everyone’s screens.

Here is how the TutorCams works:


TutorCam website:
Facebook: @TutorCam
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Price: TutorCam Go $US45.00 TutorCam Pro $US65.00

** Brandon Kennington is available for phone/virtual/in studio interviews.

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