Cajon Valley Union School District to Resume Pre-Pandemic Schedule After Spring Break

EL CAJON, Calif., March 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Cajon Valley Union School District, serving over 17,000 students in the East County of San Diego, will return to a pre-pandemic schedule of full-time school, five days a week, after Spring Break. This comes on the one-year mark of the global pandemic. 

Immediately after the state-mandated shut down of schools in April 2020, Cajon Valley reopened a limited number of schools to provide free childcare for essential workers. Initially serving several hundred students, the staff was able to set up schools for social distancing, managing stable student cohorts, and effective use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

During the summer break, over 1,000 Cajon Valley Employees, led by principals, opened all 27 schools for free summer learning and enrichment, serving over 6,500 students. This was a direct scale-up of the childcare pilot. This allowed the district to expand proper safety markings, equipment, and protocol to all schools, as well as a comprehensive training program based on the CDPH Safety Guidelines developed by the nurses and healthcare staff.

The immediate result of the summer success allowed Cajon Valley to invite all students to return to in-person learning in September, including four schools inviting students back 5 days a week.

In over 10 months of serving approximately 11,000 students in person, Cajon Valley experienced only one case of school COVID transmission and zero cases of student-to-student transmission. This demonstrates the ability to prevent the spread and community outbreak of COVID19 in schools with established safety measures.

As students return from Spring Break, all Cajon Valley students will have access to school as they had it before the pandemic began; 5 days a week, 8 am to 3 pm daily, in-person with a teacher. For families who wish to keep their children in distance learning, Cajon Valley will continue to provide that option as well. 

To accommodate reduced class sizes, provide additional care and supervision, as well as properly adhere to safety guidelines from the California Department of Public Health, over 80 additional teachers and several hundred Classified Employees were hired since December 2020.

Additionally, this coming summer, Cajon Valley will host Camp Cajon, a camp-like summer program focused on enrichment, fun, and learning, free for all Cajon Valley Students. Family and staff interest surveys will be available shortly.

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