CADDi Partners with PUNCH INDUSTRY USA to Solve Industry Challenges with CADDi Drawer Implementation

CADDi Drawer addresses time-intensive quoting and drawing management woes for a leading Illinois-based global manufacturer of mold & die components

CHICAGO, June 25, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — CADDi Inc., a global procurement solutions provider for the manufacturing industry, announced a strategic partnership with PUNCH INDUSTRY USA INC, a prominent supplier of mold and die components in the medical, consumer, and automotive industries. This partnership marks a significant milestone as PUNCH INDUSTRY USA adopts CADDi Drawer, an AI-enabled drawing management system designed to revolutionize efficiency and productivity.

PUNCH INDUSTRY USA, a small yet forward-thinking company focused on sales to mold and dye makers, plastic injection molding companies, and metal stampers, faced challenges in its daily operations that threatened to impede its growth. The quoting process had become time-consuming, drawing information management was complex, and concerns arose about the impending knowledge gap due to international team members moving. Recognizing these challenges as common roadblocks in the manufacturing sector, CADDi stepped in to implement CADDi Drawer.

“We recognize that many players, like PUNCH INDUSTRY USA, grapple with common pain points. CADDi Drawer was designed to address these challenges head-on,” said Yushiro Kato, co-founder and CEO of CADDi. “By leveraging technology and innovation, CADDi Drawer is not just a solution tailored for one company; it’s a transformative tool designed to elevate the efficiency and productivity of procurement teams across the entire manufacturing landscape.”

With a strategic decision to integrate CADDi Drawer into its operations, PUNCH INDUSTRY USA aims to streamline its quoting processes and optimize drawing data management. CADDi Drawer’s proprietary “similar drawing search” function utilizes advanced algorithms to analyze and identify drawings with similar shapes, facilitating efficient data utilization. The company anticipates a significant reduction in turnaround time, enabling the team to deliver quotes efficiently and with newfound speed.

“In the face of challenges, we saw an opportunity for growth,” said PUNCH INDUSTRY USA President Hiroshi Noguchi. “CADDi Drawer has the potential to address our current pain points and propel us forward in the competitive manufacturing market. We believe this partnership will redefine how we operate and position us for greater success.”

CADDi Drawer emerged as the transformative solution to help streamline quoting processes, optimize drawing data management, and facilitate knowledge transfer within the organization.

About CADDi Inc.:
CADDi is a global manufacturing company on a mission to “unleash the potential of manufacturing.” The company strives to transform the manufacturing industry through its primary offering, “CADDi Drawer,” an AI-enabled drawing management system, helping further unlock the potential of manufacturing by significantly improving the efficiency of procurement teams.

PUNCH INDUSTRY USA INC. supplies high-quality standard and custom mold & die components, such as pins, punches, dies and accessories to our customers in the Americas. Customers include mold & die makers, plastic injection molding companies and metal stampers in industries including medical, consumer and automotive. Established in 2017, PUNCH INDUSTRY USA INC. is a subsidiary of PUNCH INDUSTRY CO., LTD.

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