Business Leaders Endorse TuitionEP’s Breakthrough into the Educational Industry

TAMPA, Fla., Nov. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Tuition Education Platform (TuitionEP) announces new partnerships with industry leaders David Dunkel, Josh Heuchan, and Dr. Ryan Lowe. This new app is garnering attention from schools across the country. TuitionEP is a user-friendly tuition management platform and app that offers simple and secure payment solutions for schools and organizations. Organizations can easily and efficiently collect payments conveniently through the app.

David Dunkel, Chairman, and CEO of Kforce, invests in TutitionEP

In 1980, David Dunkel took his first step into building his new enterprise Kforce (an abbreviation for "knowledge force"). After working as a CPA at PricewaterhouseCoopers, Dunkel opened a Romac office in Tampa. Now he is the chairman and CEO of Kforce, a leading technology solutions firm. Kforce, previously known as Romac International, went public and experienced exponential growth since 1995 growing from $46 million in revenues to $1.4 billion in 2020.

"As we move into an even more digital marketplace, schools have to take advantage of technologies available, and make parents’ lives easier. TuitionEP solves this problem with a go to market solution that is unprecedented."
 from David Dunkel

Josh Heuchan, founder of FloodGate Medical and Healiant Training Solutions, joins TuitionEP advisory team

Entrepreneur and CEO Josh Heuchan began his career as an intern at Southwestern Publishing Company— which was ranked the #1 college internship in America for several years. Working closely with educators, principals, school board members, and school administrators, he was promoted to Regional Sales Manager and led his team to the #1 spot.

From the early 2000s, Heuchan has served as founder and CEO of Artillery Sales and FloodGate Medical. Both businesses help medical manufacturers build effective talent acquisition and retention programs for their commercial and clinical teams. Under his expert leadership, FloodGate has grown into an award-winning business.

His years of experience as the founder of FloodGate Medical motivated Heuchan to establish a company that would empower the Healthcare industry. Healiant Training Solutions provides an immersive training experience designed to advance the knowledge and career of wound care clinicians.

"Payments made simple. This is part of the DNA of the TuitionEP team. School admins now have more time and see the savings in real time, while fully integrating with their ERP systems."
 from Josh Heuchan

Founder and CEO of TuitionEP Dr. Ryan Lowe….
Dr. Ryan Lowe is a leader in strategic design and digital marketing. Throughout his career, Dr. Lowe has worked with some of the largest brands such as eBay, Sam’s Club and, and provided award-winning designs and marketing campaigns. After years of experience working as a creative consultant and creative director, Dr. Lowe began his own creative marketing agency—energyhill.

Through his business, he developed knowledge and insight into various industries including education. With his background working in the education and business industry, in addition to being a parent of four, Dr. Lowe recognized the need for tuition management as an area of growth for the educational industry. His company TuitionEP is designed to address these issues and provide an easy tuition management solution.

"Our kids were in a private school and the school kept asking us to write a check for their tuition and to drop it off at the school. We stopped writing personal checks years ago. This process needed to be fixed! This process shouldn’t be difficult, so the question became, how can we make payments simple?"

Dr. Ryan Lowe, CEO and Founder of TuitionEP and energyhill

Tuition Education Platform (TEP) was founded by Dr. Ryan and Gloria Lowe, to help schools and organizations seamlessly collect and manage payments. It is a tech company with a heart for education and its eyes on the future. Through its innovative platform and user-friendly app, TEP saves schools time and money so they can focus on what they do best.

Learn more about how TuitionEP can help you save time and money at

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