“Buckley’s Family Fishing Trip” ¬– Dive into the Friendly Schnauzer’s Latest Adventure in a Captivating and Educational New Children’s Tale

ATLANTA, March 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Educator, publisher, and children’s author Susan H. Hines announced the release of the much-anticipated second volume in her ongoing Buckley Series: “Buckley’s Family Fishing Trip.” In another exciting tale, Buckley the family Schnauzer pup explores the outdoors, learns new skills, overcomes challenges, and spends a joyful time with the family who loves him. All in a book packed with gorgeous illustrations and playful language – including sight words and rhyming words that help children enjoy the time they spend reading.

Book Synopsis: 

Buckle-up for a fun-filled journey with Buckley the lovable Schnauzer pup, alongside his “big brother” Ralphel, and Grandpa. Brimming with anticipation, Buckley can barely wait to embark on his very first fishing adventure with the family. And as he gets ready to visit Grandpa’s favored fishing spot, Buckley daydreams about the tasty fish they’ll grill later. Preparation is key though, so they start by heading to the garage to gather their gear – the essential yellow bucket and fishing hooks – while Buckley wags his tail and supervises.

But just when they are about to leave Grandpa’s house, Buckley realizes something crucial is missing: the bait! So, he quickly dashes off to the backyard to dig for worms. Will Buckley’s digging yield the needed bait in time for their fishing escapade? And will they have a good time, or catch any fish at all? Open the book to find out, as the fishing adventure begins.

With each page, the book’s rich, vivid illustrations promise to whisk readers away to a realm of imagination. Making “Buckley’s Family Fishing Trip” not just a delightful story to read aloud, but also an experience that fosters creativity, resilience, and the joy of problem solving. Allowing young minds to dream and learn as they explore with Buckley, their newest four-legged friend.

Award-Winning Buckley Series: Available on Shelves and Online

Crafting fun narratives and interactive reading activities for children aged 5 and older, Susan H. Hines has already earned multiple prestigious awards for her work, including #1 Author, Best Author of the Week, and #1 Seller. The newest Buckley book is available now via Amazon, AbeBooks, Audible, Google Books, Kidswrd, Kobo, and Rakuten Kobo and TJP Publications website www.tjppublications.com. Along with physical copies located at fine brick-and-mortar bookstores across Georgia:

  • Birdsong Books, Henry Co., Locust Grove, GABuckley Books and merchandise available
  • The Book Cellar, Rockdale Co., Conyers, GABuckley Books and merchandise available
  • All five branches of the Henry County, GA library system.

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Susan H. Hines has been writing children’s books for many years, helping children to develop basic language, communication, and writing skills. She created TJP Publications to offer self-authored books for children that focus on helping kids during their most important, foundational learning stages. From teaching the names and sounds of letters to practicing writing in a wide variety of genres, each book helps children learn and grow. Susan is committed to offering children the best resources that can open the door to knowledge, adventure, and fun. Learn more at: www.tjppublications.com.

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