Breaking the Barrier: TheWell Bioscience Launches VitroGel-Based Cell Invasion Assay Kits to Help Researchers Explore More Types of Migration and Invasion Studies Faster and Easier

NORTH BRUNSWICK, N.J., Dec. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — TheWell Bioscience, a pioneer of 3D biomimicking platforms for precision medicine, cell therapy, and biomanufacturing, announces the launch of VitroGel®-Based Cell Invasion Assay Kits. Using the xeno-free VitroGel® hydrogels, these new kits revolutionize how researchers study cell migration and invasion, offering unprecedented accuracy, efficiency, and reliability for cell migration assays. The VitroGel-Based Cell Invasion Assay Kits protocol can be completed within 30 minutes compared to hours with an assay kit using an animal-based extracellular matrix (ECM).

The cell migration and invasion assay market is estimated to be worth $1.3 billion. Cell invasion assays empower researchers to understand the vital process in various biological contexts that can be pivotal in embryonic development, immunosurveillance, and wound healing while also playing a concerning role in cancer metastasis for therapeutic developments. Traditionally, in vitro invasion assays have relied on animal-based ECM, which comes with challenges such as undefined components, batch-to-batch variability, and long and cumbersome temperature-sensitive protocols, thus leading to inconsistent and inaccurate studies. In addition, the ECM mechanical strength cannot be manipulated, which obscures the clear understanding of the specific effects of each ECM factor on cell mobility, which is crucial in complete migration and invasion studies.

The VitroGel-Based Cell Invasion Assay Kits solve many of the limitations of animal-based ECM but, most importantly, allow complete control of ECM factors for more accurate and consistent invasion and migration studies. They are powered by VitroGel® hydrogels and the premium quality VitroPrime™ Cell Culture Inserts.

Start with the “ready-to-use” VitroGel® Cell Invasion Assay Kit (which includes our VitroGel® Hydrogel Matrix) for traditional cell invasion assay studies. Go further with any of the “tunable,” high-concentration VitroGel-Based Cell Invasion Assay Kits, where the biophysical and biochemical properties can be manipulated, allowing researchers to explore how different ligands, matrix strengths, chemokines, growth factors, and others that influence cell invasion. In addition, all the VitroGel-Based Cell Invasion Assay Kits can be adapted for laboratory automation for high-throughput assay analysis.

“We were inundated with inquiries to harnessing the power of our xeno-free tunable VitroGel system for cell migration and invasion assay studies,” said John Huang, CEO of TheWell Bioscience. “The new VitroGel-Based Cell Invasion Assay Kits fulfill the need to understand the properties of ECM on cell behaviors and can be leveraged for high-throughput laboratory automation. Researchers can now generate deep insights into how ECM factors influence cell mobility faster, accurately, and consistently. We believe unraveling the intricacies of the microenvironment’s impact on cell invasion and migration will advance therapies for various diseases.”

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