BoosterHub Reaches $1 Million GMV in First Nine Months – Providing Software Tools for Booster Club Parents to Promote Their Clubs, Increase Participation, Streamline Operations, and Achieve Fundraising Goals

GEORGETOWN, Texas, Oct. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — BoosterHub announced that it had surpassed $1 million in Gross Merchandise Volume in just nine months, kicking off the fall season with a record number of sign-ups and strong company growth. BoosterHub is a SaaS that provides business tools and infrastructure to school support organizations, with a special focus on high school booster clubs. BoosterHub helps clubs run day-to-day operations and provides point-of-sale solutions while also managing important data and volunteer activity – all synced from one login.  This provides much needed relief for over-worked, parent volunteers. 

“We knew we were providing a service desperately needed by countless school booster clubs across the country,” said Robin Eissler, BoosterHub founder. “But even we were shocked by the sheer volume and positive response we’ve had. We launched in November 2021 and we’ve already seen major growth over the past twelve months – processing more than 45,000 transactions and serving over 5,000 members. We established a perfect product-market fit and are creating our own market demand. With a churn rate close to 0%, we are already seeing the compounding impact of happy customers.”  As a bootstrapped SaaS with a current ARR in the $150,000 range, BoosterHub expects to double in size over the next six months and grow the GMV to over $2 million per year.

BoosterHub Features: Get Set Up for Success

  • Concession Stand Payments: Accept credit cards and contactless payments.
  • Tickets and eCommerce Sales: Sell event tickets from home page, eCommerce, and collect donations.
  • Public and Private Calendars: Total day-to-day organization.
  • Smart Website: The public face of the booster club.
  • Contact List Management: Collect, sort, and organize contacts.
  • Email Announcements: Keep everyone in the loop with easily sorted emails.
  • Volunteer Management: Sign ups, member tracking, and organization.
  • Accounting: Keep all transactions in one place to prepare 990 tax return forms easily.
  • Club Chat: Easy parent-to-parent communication without “friending” or phone
  • Files and Photos: All important files and photos stored in one place, easily accessed.

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About BoosterHub

Founded in 2021 by former Austin Business Journal Top CEO nominee, Robin Eissler, BoosterHub is the only SaaS app/platform designed specifically for high school booster clubs. BoosterHub handles all the operations needed to successfully run any booster club, including member connections, communications, website building, eCommerce, points of sale, and much more – all from a single digital source. Saving volunteers time, BoosterHub provides guard rails for best practices and helps make coordinating volunteers and fundraising easy. Learn more about specific features at:

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