Beta Sole Foundation Kicks Off Holiday Season with “12 Days of Christmas” Event

MT. PLEASANT, Mich., Nov. 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Beta Sole Foundation has begun a new holiday event titled “12 Days of Christmas.” This event consists of 12 acts of service giving back to Mount Pleasant and the surrounding communities starting early November into late December.

The Beta Sole Foundation is a nonprofit organization that recognizes the needs of underprivileged students who lack exposure to programs that help them properly determine career options and post-high school studies by offering scholarships, mentorship, and skill building. The Beta Sole Foundation is also very active in community service.

In previous years, the Beta Sole Foundation has put on their annual Elf Event, a Christmas celebration that brings in families for a day of fun and gifts. The Elf Event takes off financial difficulties for families in the area. By also doing 12 Days of Christmas, the Beta Sole Foundation will be recognizing others important members of the community that often get overlooked or underappreciated, such as service workers, college students, front line workers, senior citizens, and more.

Beta Sole Foundation’s COO, Kendal Brown, has stated how this event is important because “it shows that we are there to support all members in the community during the holidays and don’t want people to feel excluded during the time of giving.” The start-up of this new program is to expand their services to all members that are struggling during the holidays, and not only families. Founder Anthony Demasi said, “Christmas is a frame of mind, more than a simple day, it’s about doing a little extra for someone. Maybe some of what we can do will inspire others to do the same.”

12 Days of Christmas will be kicked off by a “Tip the Server” event, where the foundation will grant a lucky waiter or waitress a large tip on top of the meal cost. The Beta Sole Foundation will be doing multiple events weekly, updating the journey on their social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok.

To learn more about the foundation or donate to the cause, visit its website at

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