Officially Launches Streamlined, Easy-to-Use Medical Conferencing Platform for Doctors and Patients During Ongoing Telemedicine Revolution

TORONTO, Jan. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — announced the launch of its medical conferencing platform poised to redefine how telemedicine is conducted while the world still contends with a prolonged COVID-19 pandemic. Banty is a simplified platform that works easily within multiple browsers – including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and others – and is intended as a quick, efficient way for patients and doctors to connect. Banty requires no prior experience, no downloads, and is user-friendly right from the start, giving patients access to a safe and secure portal using a single URL. Banty offers screen sharing, polling, appointment scheduling, automatic email invites, YouTube sharing, recording, collaborative whiteboarding, individualized branding, patient messaging/waiting rooms, and multiple affordable subscription packages to suit each practice and organization’s specific needs.

“The genesis of Banty was pure necessity,” said internet marketing expert and Banty Co-founder, Scott Wilson. “Although major telemedicine access had already begun before COVID-19 hit, the onset of the pandemic has accelerated the entire telehealth revolution due to increased need from millions of quarantined, locked-down patients and physicians worldwide. So what we’ve done is create a platform that’s actually geared specifically toward this need, while appealing to physicians who aren’t techie types. Banty is one link, all access. And because doctors and patients use the exact same link every single time, it ensures a smooth telemedicine experience every time. Banty bridges the gap between video conferencing and social media, upgrading and humanizing an experience that should always be extremely personal: a patient’s visit with their doctor.” Simple and Secure Telemedicine

Banty is a fully secure meeting platform with end-to-end encryption that meets both HIPAA standards in the U.S. and PHIPA mandates for Canada. Businesses, organizations and individuals get personal links that are easy to remember – like or – and patient visitors always land on a branded webpage that can be customized to each physician’s specifications. Banty subscribers own these links, with every meeting always held via the same link, and each meeting is conducted in a locked digital room for privacy. Meeting organizers can also hold large or open-group meetings in unlocked rooms if they choose to allow broader access.

As patients wait to be seen each day, sitting in a queue of upcoming appointments, they are first ushered into a digital waiting room which allows physicians to communicate exact wait-times. In the event of delays, this returns time back to patients and frees them up to do other tasks away from the computer while they wait (e.g. Doctor: “I’m going to be 30 minutes late; please feel free to log off and return at that time”). Banty has been deployed in multiple countries, has employees who speak eight different languages, and plans to build platform access for the 21 most commonly spoken/written languages.

“Banty is great because my patients can see me wherever I choose, thanks to green screens and digital technology. So I can personalize the experience, making it both fun and dynamic, allowing improved access that is very efficient,” said Banty Co-Founder Dr. Rick Tytus, Associate Clinical Professor in the Department of Family Medicine at McMaster University. “We already know that technology improves patient outcomes and enhances access to health care. Now patients can receive more timely access from the comfort of their homes, eliminating wasted travel time and stress, in addition to staying safe from exposure to COVID-19. That fear alone has already kept many patients with chronic diseases or disabilities from regular physician visits. Banty eliminates this patient-access problem immediately.”

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Banty is a patient-centered video conferencing platform that allows doctors to integrate virtual medical appointments into their clinics and practices easily. Accessed via a simple web browser, Banty requires no downloads, registration, or lengthy, complicated set-ups, while providing users with a dedicated URL that is easy to remember. A prepackaged, ready-made digital system right out of the box, Banty lets doctors add telemedicine directly to their practice and begin offering convenient virtual visits to their patients immediately. Learn more at:

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