Award-Winning Documentary “Trust Me” Premiers on PBS and World Channel January 7

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — WORLD Channel and Public Broadcasting Stations (PBS) nationwide kick off the New Year with a special one-hour, made-for-television version of "Trust Me," the documentary created by acclaimed director Roko Belic and Joe Phelps of The Getting Better Foundation.

The film brings awareness to the need for media literacy to help combat polarization of communities, threats to democracy, medical misinformation, and mental illnesses. It features compelling stories from around the world where a lack of media literacy led to crises. Interviews from world-renowned experts are interwoven, explaining why humanity is drawn to sensational and negative news, how commercial media often capitalizes on our biases along with their opinions on solutions. A link to the trailer is here.

"The number of thought leaders and professional associations who have heartily endorsed ‘Trust Me’ sends a strong signal to teachers and parents that this timely film, about a challenge that is crucial to our overall health, is worthwhile viewing," said Joe Phelps, executive producer.

"Trust Me" has been featured at annual conferences worldwide, including the U.S. State Department’s Global Conference on Media Literacy, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), National Association of Media Literacy Education; MediaLiteracyNow; American Library Association and the National Council of Teachers of English. It has won four "best documentary" awards at U.S. film festivals, and is now the best-selling film for New Day Films, a leading American distributor of cause-related films.

The film premieres on the WORLD Channel, January 7, 2022. To find channel numbers for WORLD, click here. It will also appear on PBS broadcast stations nationwide (check local listings). 


"Trust Me" opens up the vital conversation about the importance of understanding the media landscape which surrounds us. As someone who works every day to create a media literate world, I am grateful for this film and its message about the importance of reflecting on the way media shapes the world we live in. It’s an incredibly important film at an incredibly important time. You will want to see this."  Michelle Ciulla-Lipkin, director – National Association for Media Literacy Education (NAMLE).

"It’s essential that we understand how people learn about current affairs and how we can enhance their knowledge about the present and hope for the future. ‘Trust Me’ is a vivid, engaging, and penetrating portrait of these vital issues." Steven Pinker, professor of psychology – Harvard University

About "Trust Me":
View the press kit with downloadable images here. Visit for more information, educational licensing or private screenings.

About Getting Better Foundation (GBF): The mission of GBF is to "Build trust through the truth about the positive progress of humans." The foundation primarily supports media literacy education and has produced "Trust Me" to raise awareness of people’s need for media literacy to help build trust, resilience, and well-being. Armed with media literacy, people can avoid online manipulation, empowering them to rise to the best versions of themselves and collaborate with others to enable progress.  

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