Author Jerry Frye Announces Indiegogo Campaign to Fund Major Merchandising and Education Effort – Crowdfunding to Help Young Generations Learn the Benefits of Legal Cannabis

CHICAGO, Aug. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Jerry Frye announced the Indiegogo launch of a funding campaign to propel his popular "Cannabis the Cat" series, developing both merchandise and educational products. Written to help dispel the myths surrounding the legal uses of the cannabis plant, and lushly illustrated by Mike Motz, "Cannabis the Cat" is a unique fun adventure for younger readers. The Indiegogo flexible goal is set for $10,000 and includes development of a plush "Cannabis the Cat" toy. Different funding tiers contain perks like writing pens, air fresheners, laser pointers, pocket mirrors, totes, mugs, crayon wheels, and a special mini digital e-book to pair with the original "Cannabis the Cat" volume.

"We’ve included the digital mini-book because it kind of lives in both worlds," said Jerry Frye. "E-reading will soon be a key component in all aspects of primary education, and this little book is something that keeps children grounded in the physical world while also beginning to introduce them to the idea of e-books. Ultimately, we see our funding campaign as an educational one – a way to destigmatize cannabis and bring it into daily family conversations. Pro-cannabis parents need a good way to educate their children on the complex applications of this amazing plant, and we provide that. We’re working to expand our presence in dispensaries across the country as well, giving them a go-to educational resource they can offer to their customers."

"Cannabis the Cat": Major Indiegogo Funding Perks

  • Package One, $1.000 Donation: All the items from Package Three, along with 10 full-color autographed books, 10 autographed coloring books, Cannabis the Cat t-shirt, and multiple customized books with personal pet pictures.
  • Package Two, $750 Donation: All the items from Package Three, along with 10 full-color autographed books, 10 autographed coloring books, Cannabis the Cat t-shirt, and one customized book with personal pet picture.
  • Package Three, $500 Donation: Catnip toy pack, greeting card, mirror magnet, button, sticker, laser pointer, 2 air fresheners, 6-inch Cannabis the Cat plush toy, crayon wheel, clear tote bag, 11" by 14" canvas print bag, t-shirt, full-color autographed book, autographed coloring book.
  • Many other donation perks at the $20, $25, $50, $65, $150, $175, $200, $250, and $350 level.

"Cannabis the Cat" Story Synopsis: Cannabis the Cat is a superhero who uses his magical flying hemp carpet to visit and help those with CBD and medicinal-marijuana emergencies. Along the way, readers discover an educational adventure that is open, direct and honest, discussing the wide variety of uses for the hemp plant. Frye’s story is perfect for the parent needing a starting point to begin a conversation about drugs with their children, or a fun-loving millennial looking for a cartoon story about weed. The Cannabis the Cat series will expand to include many more adventures in the future, as the wind-surfing, traveling cat explores the world looking to help other people through the healing powers of weed.

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