Association of Indian Universities and EdifyOnline choose Noodle’s technology to power India’s University Clusters Initiative

Clusters of higher education institutions will use the Noodle Learning Platform, which empowers universities to deliver online course offerings through an LMS-agnostic, fully customizable platform.

NEW YORK, March 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The Association of Indian Universities (AIU), New Delhi, India and Edify Online Corp (EdifyOnline), Birmingham, USA, have selected technology developed by Noodle (Noodle), New York, USA, to develop an ecosystem of shared lectures by global academic leaders and professors at the AIU’s 992 member universities reaching over 5 million students. Noodle will provide the Noodle Learning Platform (NLP), which empowers universities to deliver online course offerings through an LMS-agnostic all-in-one, fully customizable platform. The partners will focus on the program’s implementation challenges, successes, and opportunities, with results reviewed by industry experts and published for the benefit of all AIU higher education institutions (HEIs). 

“With the help of EdifyOnline and Noodle’s NLP, AIU is preparing to enable a ‘shared HEIs ecosystem’ for AIU member universities to provide highly qualified and highly skilled international academic leaders at scalable and sustainable costs, as well as build bridges for Indian faculty to do the same for international HEIs in future,” said Secretary General of the AIU, Dr. Pankaj (Mrs.) Mittal. 

“The Shared HEIs ecosystem enables knowledge enterprise, and it is the future of higher education. It is a holistic, sustainable, and affordable option to improve awareness of global education standards and professional development opportunities for ALL academic faculties, including those in India,” says Anil P. Agarwal, Co-Founder of EdifyOnline. “Our mission: ‘Everyone has the right to be enlightened. It just takes the right teacher’ supports the central theme of the Indian National Education Policy 2020 to put the teachers & students at the center,” adds Agarwal. He further adds “we are confident that our collaborative efforts with Noodle, AIU, and AIU member HEIs are synergistic, timely, and affordable.”

“Our Learning Platform enables networks of universities to market and deliver world-class education at lower expense. Noodle aims to empower universities to transform the world; this important initiative, which brings collaborative, innovative, and accessible education to global learners, is right on mission,” said John Katzman, CEO of Noodle. 

Vik Agarwal, Co-Founder and CEO of EdifyOnline, states, “This marks EdifyOnline’s largest tech collaboration to date and is an incredible use-case to provide high-quality learning experiences to learners in India. The collective efforts of all parties involved will ensure our success in India. This program will ensure our success in India. This program will also enable universities outside of India to participate, establishing an ecosystem built upon collaboration and shared resources. We accept the opportunity to create this ecosystem in India and beyond.”

Joint Director & Director (i/c) of the Research Division of AIU, Dr. Amarendra Pani believes the “University Clusters Pilot Study in India will provide international exposure to students” [as it will enable an ecosystem of shared lectures using international talent]. “It will trigger innovative ideas and processes leading to advanced research in higher education”, and adds that he and his research staff “look forward to working with all stakeholders, including AIU member universities, to ensure the success of this pioneering initiative.” 

About AIU

Established in 1925, the Association of Indian Universities is the apex representative body of universities and other higher education institutions in India. It is the second oldest association of universities in the world. Since its inception, AIU has been actively engaged in the growth and development of higher education. The membership of AIU includes all types of universities (e.g., Conventional Universities, Open Universities, deemed to be Universities, State Universities, Central Universities, Private Universities, and Institutes of National Importance). At present, there are 992 university members of the AIU. In addition to Indian universities, 17 universities/institutes from Bangladesh, Bhutan, Germany, Republic of Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Mauritius, Nepal, Russia, Singapore, Thailand, United States of America, United Kingdom, Uganda, and Zambia are Associate Members.

About EdifyOnline

EdifyOnline was founded with a simple belief: “Everyone has the right to be enlightened, it just takes the right teacher”. EdifyOnline has developed a robust platform to promote the world-class abilities of highly experienced and academically qualified subject experts from around the world (EdifyProfessional®). EdifyOnline’s platform brings talent to Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) that are facing an acute shortage of competent academic talent or looking for international competencies to complement their strengths. The HEIs can hire them for various academic roles (e.g., instructors, guest lecturers, course content creators, professional development, and other specialized areas) as independent consultants.

About Noodle

Noodle is the leading tech-enabled strategy and services partner for higher education. A Certified B corporation, Noodle, which was founded in 2013, has developed infrastructure and facilitated online enrollment growth for some of the best academic institutions in the world. Noodle empowers universities to transform the world through life-changing learning. It offers strategic consulting to advise partners as they navigate their futures, provides services tailored to meet their growth aspirations, and deploys technology, tools, and platforms that integrate for scale, making our partners more resilient, responsive, efficient, and interconnected.


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