Artificial Intelligence Comes to Campus: Gray Associates Announces Predict Program Size Software That Improves Higher Education Decisions for Academic Program Professionals

CONCORD, Mass., May 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — GRAY Associates today announces its continued commitment to accelerating higher education’s future and growth strategy through innovative new software tools and expanded data-informed academic program evaluation support.

Gray’s sophisticated new Predict Program Size offering has launched, joining the PES+ (Program Evaluation System) Software to empower academic program professionals to make smart data-informed program planning decisions. Powered by artificial intelligence that encompasses the latest in machine learning, Predict Program Size maximizes outcomes by accurately estimating the potential size of current and new programs for an institution, identifying programs that will increase enrollment and revenue, and reducing the risk of new program failures.

This new machine learning-based approach provides universities a way to predict enrollments and graduations and to make better decisions about the use of their valuable resources. "We have always been committed to our higher education community. I am proud of the advanced academic program planning tools and features being developed for our PES+ subscribers. These advancements not only include Predict Program Size but also Predict Margins for Economics, and a new Program Portfolio Management dashboard." Robert Gray Atkins, Gray’s CEO.

As higher education becomes more competitive, institutions embrace customized data and analytics to help them make better-informed program decisions.  Gray’s PES+ software integrates local, regional, and national market data on educational programs, including data on student demand, competition, and employer needs. 

Gray collects and analyzes data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job postings, Google Searches, the American Community Survey, IPEDS, and more, so schools can use PES+ to score and rank thousands of programs and decide what actions to take. PES+ also calculates the revenue, cost, and margin of academic programs, courses, and sections to enable institutions to understand the markets and margins for their programs.

About Gray Associates 

Gray helps colleges and universities make data-informed decisions about their academic programs. Gray’s software integrates the best available data on academic program economics, student demand, employer needs, and competitive intensity for the precise market served by each institution. Faculty and administrative leaders use the software to score, rank, and evaluate programs in a collaborative process that builds consensus on programs to start, sunset, sustain, or grow.  With Gray’s tools and processes, institutions identify paths to increase enrollment, revenue, and efficiency, while investing in their mission and strengthening relationships among faculty and administrators.

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