Animawarriors Launches New Approach to 3D Animation Education

VANCOUVER, BC, March 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Animawarriors announced that they will be launching a new online platform to give learners a new approach to 3d animation education. The platform is suitable for anyone, anywhere in the world who wants to learn, or improve their creativity and skills in 3d animation arts in a balanced, learner focused way.

Learners will work with industry professionals – such as Annie Award nominee Andres Bedate, Jorge Vigara, and Scot Write – who are passionate about mentoring and sharing knowledge. Animawarriors’ teaching philosophy understands the need to balance the individual, their creativity, and their professional career.

Director and Founder, Jorge Vigara said, “Be Unique. That’s the point”.  He went on to emphasize “we are trying to create a high-quality e-learning user experience that is accessible, flexible to everyone with a wide range of teaching formats”.  Animawarriors online platform is focused on building a healthier culture for both professional and personal artists across the creative landscape to help ideas thrive.

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Animawarriors was founded in June 2019, by Jorge Vigara and was incorporated under the British Columbia Business Corporations Act. Animawarriors is an online animation platform school that aims to provide students with a variety of animation industry courses and feedback so they can improve their skills and freely explore their creativity in a balanced way. To date, the school has kick started the journey for more than 500 students.

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