Aleddra’s Universal Dimming Driver Adds Dimming to Non-dimmable LED Tubes and Lamps

RENTON, Wash., July 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Aleddra delivers again on its "Better Light Better Life" promise with the introduction of the Universal Dimming Driver. This patented dimming driver adds the dimming function to existing non-dimmable LED tubes & lamps such as: Standard T8 & T5 tubes, U-Bend tube, Emergency T8 & T5 tubes, PLL, PL lamps and cooler lights. The Aleddra Universal Dimming Driver is another ground-breaking product from Aleddra.

"I can’t remember how many customers have asked Aleddra in the past for a dimmable T8 & T5 tubes or a PL lamp," stated Matthew Maa, VP Sales and Marketing of Aleddra. "We were forced to turn away those customers in the past, BUT NOT NOW.  With Aleddra’s Universal Dimming Driver our customers can dim existing and NEW installations that have Aleddra tubes and lamps that in the past were considered non-dimmable. YES, you heard me correctly, that NOW, you can add dimming to your existing "non-dimmable" LED tubes and lamps. The Aleddra Universal Dimming Driver delivers up to 95W of output power making it capable of driving six 15W T8 tubes or four 22W T5 tubes. Aleddra’s customers can now purchase our non-dimmable LED tubes and lamps at a lower cost. When they are ready to add dimming for additional energy savings, they can simply install the Aleddra Universal Dimming Driver to meet their requirements. Since Aleddra’s Universal Dimming Driver is one-size-fit-all, customers will not need to purchase dimmable LED tube or lamps individually at a higher price.

Highlights of Aleddra’s Universal Dimming Driver:

  • Works with 0-10V dimmer.
  • Meets DLC 5.1 requirements.
  • Supports Standard T8 & T5 tubes, U-Bend tube, Emergency T8 & T5 tubes, PLL, PL lamps and cooler lights.
  • Dimming output up to 95W, e.g., (6) 15W T8, (4) 22W T5, or (15) 6W PL lamps.
  • When using one dimming driver on multiple tubes or lamps, they must all be of the same type.
  • Can’t mix the standard T8 tube with an emergency T8 tube on the same dimming driver; instead, use one dimming driver for standard T8 tubes and another dimming driver for the emergency T8 tube.
  • Dimming performance is optimized for 10W – 90W. NOTE operating below 10W may cause non-linear dimming or cutoff.

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