Aiming for No Less than Success: 30 Organizations that are Boosting African American Educational Achievement

SALISBURY, Md., Sept. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The obstacles are great to an African American student who dreams of a college degree. However, there are many organizations across the nation that are working to change this.

Great Value Colleges’ team has researched and named 30 of the most effective Organizations that are Boosting African American Educational Achievement. These organizations have developed unique and successful programs to help overcome the barriers young African Americans face.

The organizations have strong track records in helping African Americans to pursue their educational goals. All of them have made progress toward racial educational equality and continue to improve upon it.

“Education is one of the key components in leveling the playing field for all Americans,” said GVC Editor Julia McCaulley. She cited the turbulence of today’s society and the growing awareness of the cruciality of the Black Lives Matter movement across the nation.

“Great Value Colleges seeks to highlight some of the institutions and organizations that are working to increase the educational opportunities for African Americans and people of color. We hope that by bringing these organizations into the spotlight it will increase their reach in communities and throughout the nation.”

Here are some of the organizations and institutions highlighted.

Beyond 12 – Oakland California
The mission of Beyond 12 is to increase the number of underserved students who graduate from college. It offers students a technology platform and coaching. It’s currently coaching more than 2,000 students in almost 200 colleges. By 2025, the organization aims to coach one million students annually. 85% of the students that Beyond 12 coaches for four years graduate or remain enrolled in college.

Advancement Via Individual Determination – San Diego, California
This organization’s goal is to train teachers and educators to “prepare all students for college, careers, and life.” It annually trains 85,000 educators across 7,500 schools to do this. 80% of the students who benefit from this organization are underrepresented. First-generation/low-income students who were taught by the organization’s participating educators are four times more likely to graduate college within six years than their peers. 

PeerForward – Washington, DC
PeerForward’s solution to boosting low-income high school student college enrollment is simple. It “trains, deploys, and coaches a team of Peer Leaders who are charged with boosting college preparation and enrollment across their entire school.” Schools that implement PeerForward’s approach have seen up to a 20% increase in post-secondary enrollment and an additional $13 million of financial aid awarded to students. PeerForward’s activities continue once a student is enrolled in college. 

National Black MBA Association, Inc. – Atlanta, Georgia 
For 50 years, the National Black MBA Association, Inc. has helped African Americans come, “into the corporate sector, largely for the first time, share experiences and insights to help make the journey easier.” A core part of this organization’s activities boost education. It does this through programs that increase the acceptance rates of members into college, providing career opportunities, and offering scholarships. Thanks to its partnerships with a range of leading American colleges, African American students can receive a range of scholarships at specific schools like the University of Alabama, Bentley University and University of Florida. 

Thurgood Marshall College Fund – Washington, DC
The Thurgood Marshall College Fund has awarded more than $300 million in money to its member schools and students. In the 2019-2020 academic year alone, they awarded $5.8 million in scholarship funding to 1,153 students. In addition to scholarship money, the Fund trains 300 K-12 classroom teachers every year, develops 12,000 students at its annual leadership institute, and much more. When coronavirus hit America, the Thurgood Marshall College Fund established an emergency fund for Historically Black Colleges and Universities. 

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