Academic Coaching Specialists is Proud to Announce a Series of New Programs Designed for High Schools Across the Country to Help with Covid Catch Up Learning

MACEDONIA, Ohio, Dec. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — With lower standardized test scores and teacher and support staff shortages throughout the country, Academic Coaching Specialists has developed a turnkey solution for high schools to be able to provide individual help to every student who needs it. Experienced educators (coaches) will work one-on-one with students every week, providing academic support and mentorship. These programs all fall under acceptable usage for CARES Act and ESSER funding, which could reduce or possibly eliminate cost for the programs to high schools.

The programs include:

Covid Catch-up– designed for any student who has seen a slide in grades or is experiencing difficulties since the start of the pandemic. This program will help them get back to meeting benchmarks and teach them new ways to get and stay ahead.

Academic 911– a program for students in academic trouble who need immediate intervention to get out from behind a setback and learn new proactive strategies to stay ahead.

Athletic Eligibility Fast Track– for student athletes who have lost or are in danger of losing their athletic eligibility. These academic coaches will work together with the athletic coaches to build a strong and confident student-athlete.  

Senior Connections College Prep– specific to college-bound seniors who are wondering what the real differences will be between high school and college. Coaches are experienced college educators who will work to get these seniors ready to go on day one.

Thrive for Gifted Students– support for academically gifted students that provides outside of the box thinking and perspectives from a guide who has gone before them. Gifted students will appreciate and relate to their coach’s experiences as a student, giving them a new perspective and mentor.

Academic Reset for Students being retained– for any student who will be repeating a grade the following year; offers academic and emotional support, and strives to break old habits and reimagine what is possible for the future.

The coach and student will cover timely topics, discuss concerns, and work on skills that are directly applied to their schoolwork. The relationship is maintained throughout the semester to provide support and consistency for the student at every turn. Each week, the coach sends a summary to the student, their family, and the school about what was covered, what successes or challenges were experienced, and what to expect next.
This allows for transparency between all and builds a strong support structure for the student.

Academic Coaching Specialists is headquartered in Macedonia, Ohio. They offer professional academic coaching and tutoring services to high schools across the country, and are fully compliant with CARES Act funding requirements, which can drastically reduce or possibly eliminate the cost of these programs to the high schools.

For more details and to discuss how funding applies in your state, call Academic Coaching Specialists at: 216-264-3150 or 1(833)411-4ACS for more details.

Contact: Norm Detrick or Pam Bichsel                                   

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