A True Story: Cortile Della Seta (The Silk Courtyard), Returns to Life with Music, Marvelous Artists and Design by The Production Company Thirty Seconds Milano

MILANO, Italy, Nov. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In this particular period where aggregation, art, and culture have been most affected, the desire of artists and creatives to create is increasingly stimulated in terms of the search for new forms of exhibition and entertainment, and in this scenario is when real miracles can happen.

We want to share with you the behind-the-scenes of this fantastic experience that happened a few months ago.

The film and creative director Francesco Tolve (affirmed director and creative director of productions for big brands and companies sees in his career well-known names in national and international entrepreneurship and the various productions of documentaries, commercial films, and music videos that have great success and importance) must produce a closed-door Event with the production of Thirty Seconds Milano.

But the challenges are many and everything must be done remotely.

He gets in touch with Filippo de Paoli (musician, producer, composer, and Winner of the Special Mediastars Award for the soundtrack of the Richard Ginori campaign (Best Film Award at Cannes) and they improvise a powerful musical theme, but something is missing.

Is in this instance that the film director Francesco Tolve contacts the illustrious artist Eleonora Montagnana (eclectic Italian violinist, composer, author, performer, and actress. Classically trained, graduated from the G. Tartini Conservatory in Trieste. She has collaborated with the Italian Philharmonic Orchestra and has participated and collaborated with many illustrious names in Italian and international music industry) and asks her to write an emotional and touching melody for the production of the international event.

Watch the video Il Cortile della Seta (Overture Finale, Eleonora Montagnana)

Eleonora with the passion and creativity that distinguishes her wrote all at once "Overture Finale" and along with Filippo, they create the musical composition that will become the soundtrack for the Video Event.

But that’s not all. The following days Eleonora and Filippo (Music Producer), busy with the Event project, wrote other music pieces to accompany the video/event of which is "Hide Show". At the end of the shooting Eleonora proposes to Filippo (who has not yet met) to put all these songs together. To complete the work, they wrote other music tracks and decide to set up a crowd found for the album. Obviously, it immediately gained tremendous support, especially from her fans who didn’t waste time and contributed to the making of the album "Contrasti".

According to the public’s critics, the single "Overture Finale" captivates you into ethereal emotions and is the expression of freedom, hope, and rebirth.

An Outline of The Production

Studied in detail by their creative and film director Francesco Tolve, who wanted to give a connotation of sophistication and at the same time a decisive pace to both the show, which comes from the personal selection of the performers and artists (Eleonora Montagnana, eclectic violinist and composer; Lucia Colosio, professional classical and neoclassical dancer and Valentina Marino aerialist acrobat) and the music, which was created ad hoc. In addition to the design of the complete set which was meticulously developed as well. 

Very complex in all its parts, which has seen them dealing with not indifferent technical/artistic and logistical problems. After months of preparation, they are finally honored to present the video of the event, unique for the field and of its kind, full of artfully synchronized lighting effects installed on the entire perimeter and on all floors. An extremely elegant and technological show, indeed. Which creates a truly touching experience for those who watch it.

No less important is the choice of cutting-edge technology such as Arri Alexa professional cameras, used to bring out even better the amazing structure of the building. An impactful lighting design and a show full of artistic performances, which accentuate the elegance that distinguishes the building itself.

The Event has seen artists who are excellent in their arts, as well as being an indirect tribute to all the artists who have experienced a temporary pause in their performances during these trying times.

Watch the video Il Cortile della Seta

Thirty Seconds Milano wants to recognize the following: Savills Investment Management SGR, Eurotekna, Carron, Asti Architetti, Buckley Gray Yeoman, and GVA Redilco. Furthermore, Loro Piana, who has taken possession of most of the location.

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