55% of Parents View E-learning More Favorably Now Than Before the Pandemic, New Study by Learnopoly Finds

NEW YORK, March 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — 55% of parents view e-learning more, or significantly more, favorably now than before the pandemic — according to a new study by Learnopoly.

The survey found that 61% of parents were satisfied with e-learning, however 52% expressed concern that their child had missed out on social interaction.

Learnopoly polled a representative sample of 500 parents whose children were between the ages 4-18 and had experienced e-learning during the pandemic.

The survey investigated parents’ attitudes toward their children e-learning during COVID restrictions, factors influencing satisfaction, and what parents thought schools should do to help children get back to school.

Experience of remote learning: the pandemic was the first time 88% of children had experienced remote learning. Of those with prior experience, only 30% had done so on a regular basis (4% of the total).

Changing attitudes: the majority of parents are satisfied with e-learning (61%), view it more favorably now than before the pandemic (55%), and would welcome more e-learning in some form in the future (58%).

Drivers of satisfaction: the main drivers of satisfaction were that their child liked e-learning (55%) and that parents were able to have a more active role in their child’s education (53%). The fact that parents felt there were fewer distractions at home than in school (34%) was closely followed by feelings that their child had progressed faster at home (33%).

Top concerns: 52% of parents worried that their child had lost out on social aspects of school, 35% were concerned that their child now needs to catch up on lost learning, and 25% felt their child had fallen behind their peers.

Homeschooling: as a result of their experience of e-learning during the pandemic, 50% of parents now view homeschooling more favorably, or significantly more favorably, than before the pandemic, while 28% have not altered their view of homeschooling.

Productivity: 60% of parents indicated that they themselves have been less productive while their child has been e-learning.

School support after reopening: 38% of parents favoured schools offering students more tutoring and more opportunities for social interaction on return to school. There was much less support for shortening upcoming holidays (17%) or having the option to repeat a year (13%).

Complete Study Results: https://learnopoly.com/e-learning-during-the-pandemic-statistics/

Study Methodology

The study sampled 500 parents whose children were between the ages 4 – 18 and had experienced e-learning during the pandemic. Respondents were evenly spread across the US and were gender, age and income balanced. The survey was conducted online from March 13 – March 14, 2021.

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Full report: https://learnopoly.com/e-learning-during-the-pandemic-statistics/

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