3 Ways Parents Can Stand Together to Strengthen American Public Schools

TONAWANDA, N.Y., May 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The battles in America are being played out on the battlegrounds of our schools. Restoring K-12 public education requires the involvement and voices of parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, and community stakeholders alike. Everyone deserves to know what is happening in their local schools and should have a voice that positively impacts decision making. Families of school-aged children must be looked upon as contributing allies, not enemies pitted against one another by adult-driven ideologies.

We are inundated with headlines that depict the urgent magnitude of restoration needed in America to birth a new renaissance in education that focuses on high-quality teaching and learning. No other school reform movement in history has sought to include ALL stakeholders as part of the solution.

"You are not alone!
The majority is silent no more!
Our strength is in our numbers!"
-Turning Point USA 

"What happens when schools start putting their resources into everything
except preparing our children for college or careers?"
Luke Rosiak, author of Race to the Bottom

"Knowledge is power. If you walk into a meeting confident that you know what you’re talking about, you’ll be more effective."
-Parents Defending Education

"There is hope for America and it is you.
Together, we have the power to heal our nation from the inside-out!"
-Moms of America

Pushing Boundaries Consulting, LLC authors courageously tackle the systemic and most controversial topics in K-12 public education that are flooding the news. Their latest book entitled, Educational REHAB: An Unprecedented Opportunity to Restore K-12 Public Education empowers and equips parents and community members with evidence-based best practices, spells out divisive ideologies, lists questions to ask your local educational leaders, and provides a process for leading a grassroots movement in local school communities. These 13 educational leaders provide effective practices, common sense, and insight on how parents can stand together to help build a world class public educational system.

GAIN KNOWLEDGE | Learn the Basics to Hold People Accountable.
Learn the basics about effective teaching practices and high-quality content in books. Discover what your local schools are implementing and see how they measure up to the evidence-based practices shared in Educational REHAB. Follow state, local, and school social media platforms and notice the social and school trends that seem to be most pervasively impacting educators, leaders, and organizations in your local community.

ENGAGE WITH PEOPLE | Accept Invitations & Network to Create Positive Relationships. 
Attend curriculum nights, school board meetings, PTA meetings, Grandparents’ Day, student art galleries, local restaurant fundraiser nights, Military appreciation assemblies, volunteer opportunities, school plays, field days, or sporting events. Ask questions, smile, shake hands, and get to know all types of people, educators, and non-educators alike. When asked, offer your point of view with compassion and honesty. Read body language, discover how people are interconnected, and discover the strengths of everyone. Connect with like-minded people for the purpose of strengthening schools.

LEAD PROACTIVELY | Get Involved as a Change Agent to Lead This Grassroots Movement.
Learning the basic expectations of a high-quality public education and establishing relationships are the building blocks for taking on any leadership role, such as a school board member, City Council Member, PTA president, volunteer, blogger, mentor, donor, or sponsor. Use your patriotic freedom as fuel to help heal our nation from the inside-out!

Educational REHAB is now available for purchase on Amazon and through other major retailers. Bulk sales can be ordered by contacting
. More information, including video book trailers, can be found at www.pushboundconsulting.com.

Rebecca Coda
Dr. Rick Jetter


SOURCE Pushing Boundaries Consulting, LLC